Life-Saving ATSC 3.0 Alerting Featured at ‘Tune In to the Future’ Event

WASHINGTON, May 14, 2015 – TV industry executives, technologists and policy-makers attending today’s Advanced Television Systems Committee 2015 Broadcast Television Conference are seeing how the emerging ATSC 3.0 next-generation broadcast standard will offer new ways to merge content sources and provide a more informative and engaging TV service for emergency alerting.

The Advanced Warning and Response Network (AWARN) is the industry’s next-generation alerting system announced earlier this year. AWARN will leverage the higher data throughput, more robust transmission and improved indoor reception to be delivered by ATSC 3.0. Using a standard alerting protocol, AWARN can wake-up a device and deliver rich-media features such as video, evacuation routes and HTML pages.

Attendees at the ATSC “Tune In to the Future” conference are seeing how AWARN rich-media emergency alerts can be delivered using next-gen broadcast television equipment: a GatesAir exciter, an LG/Zenith FPGA tuner/demodulator and an LG 4K UHD TV with embedded ATSC 3.0 upper-layer firmware including Route and DASH.

AWARN is a next-generation approach to public warnings – a congestion-free and standards-based approach that utilizes terrestrial broadcasting rather than cellular network connectivity. This means high reliability and mass, instantaneous distribution even when cellular and other networks fail. AWARN addresses the need for a new approach to emergency communications highlighted in a number of recent high-profile studies.

ATSC TG3, the Technology Group developing ATSC 3.0, and some of its specialists groups are actively working on incorporating advanced emergency alerting into the overall ATSC 3.0 system, which is expected to be an ATSC Candidate Standard this year. The ATSC also has formed the Advanced Emergency Alert Implementation Team, led by Jay Adrick, broadcast technology veteran and technology consultant to GatesAir. He was a featured speaker at yesterday’s “ATSC 3.0 Boot Camp,” explaining about how emergency alerting is evolving with the next-generation standard and AWARN.

With AWARN, emergency alerts of the near future will be much broader and more informative than a 90-character mobile text message – with live video alerts, multilingual translations, and hybrid TV sets that mix over-the-air transmissions with broadband content transforming the way that viewers stay connected during an emergency.



About AWARN:

AWARN – the Advanced Warning and Response Network – is a powerful new tool for emergency alerting capability building on the field-tested and proven M-EAS Mobile Emergency Alert System. This next-generation alerting system is being promoted by a coalition of leading industry players that includes: Capitol Broadcasting/WRAL TV, Convergence Services, Digital Alert Systems (a division of Monroe Electronics), GatesAir, LG Electronics (and its U.S. R&D subsidiary, Zenith), the National Association of Broadcasters, PBS, Triveni Digital and Wearable Xlabs, among others.


AWARN Media Contact:

Dave Arland (Arland Communications)


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