Trilithic Inc. Joins AWARN Alliance as Next Gen Alerting Looks to 2018

Trilithic Inc. (which recently became a part of VIAVI Solutions) is joining broadcasters, public safety agencies and other technology companies to develop and deploy the Advanced Warning and Response Network (AWARN), which utilizes the capabilities enabled by Next Generation Television. The goal of the AWARN Alliance is to create the most advanced emergency alerting system in the world.

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AWARN Alliance Hopes ‘Beta Solution’ Will Debut by Early 2019, Says Lawson

After last week’s 3-2 FCC vote authorizing voluntary deployment of ATSC 3.0 the Advanced Warning and Response Network (AWARN) Alliance is “finalizing our work plan for 2018, which includes a technical development component” for 3.0-capable emergency alerts, alliance Executive Director John Lawson told us. The goal is to have an AWARN “beta solution” in place by early 2019 so it can be available for stations that launch 3.0 broadcasts beginning in 2019, said Lawson.

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Statement by John M. Lawson, Executive Director of the AWARN Alliance On the FCC’s Approval of the Voluntary Transmission of Next Generation Television November 16, 2017

“The Commission’s vote today lays the ground work for major improvements in America’s emergency alerting system. The Northern California wildfires, hurricane devastation in Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, the Las Vegas mass murders, the Houston floods, the Gatlinburg wildfires – these disasters provide more depressing examples that our current alerting systems are not adequate for protecting people and property.

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KBS UHD Broadcasting

KBS will usher in an era of ultra-high-definition quality terrestrial broadcasting starting in May. The use of domestically developed new devices and technology has attracted keen international attention.

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Congressional Testimony: AWARN to Save Lives

Members of Congress heard all about AWARN’s benefits during the U.S. House Communications and Technology Subcommittee’s May 17 hearing on emergency alerting. NAB CTO Sam Matheny testified on behalf of the industry, and his compelling demonstration of AWARN’s capabilities during the hearing was well received.

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AWARN a ‘Rare Opportunity,’ Alliance Tells FCC

In comments filed May 9 with the Federal Communications Commission in response to the FCC’s Next Gen TV Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the AWARN Alliance “urges the Commission to adopt the proposed rules to allow the permissive use of the Next Generation broadcast television transmission standard and hasten the day when the American public can take full advantage of AWARN’s many benefits.”

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AWARN Presents At APCO Emerging Tech Forum

AWARN Presents at APCO Emerging Tech Forum

The Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO), held its Emerging Technology Forum in Raleigh NC, on February 28 – March 1, 2017. AWARN Alliance members, Pete Sockett of Capitol Broadcasting Company, Fred Engel and Adam Woodlief of UNC–TV, presented. Their presentation concentrated on ATSC 3.0 and AWARN’s Public and Public Safety facing capabilities.

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Ex Parte Notice Authorizing Permissive Use Of The “Next Generation” Broadcast Television Standard

Ex Parte Notice Authorizing Permissive Use of the “Next Generation” Broadcast Television Standard

On March 6, 2017, the undersigned hosted members of the Commission’s Media Bureau at the ONE Media offices in Arlington, Virginia to demonstrate the Advanced Warning and Response Network (AWARN) and other capabilities of the proposed ATSC 3.0, Next Generation (“Next Gen”), broadcast transmission standard. The pending rulemaking proceeding to approve use of the new standard was discussed as well.

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