Among the supporters of the petition filed to permit broadcast of the new ATSC 3.0 TV standard is the AWARN Alliance of companies and organizations working on advanced emergency alerting capabilities for next-generation broadcasting.  AWARN Alliance Executive Director issued this statement today:

“The AWARN Alliance strongly supports the petition to the FCC to enable the voluntary utilizing of broadcast spectrum for ATSC 3.0 signals. Next Generation TV enables AWARN, which has the ability to save lives with its remarkable public safety enhancements, even if the cellular network is congested and the electric grid is down. In the future, broadcasters can be a source of rich-media emergency alerts that offer video, storm tracks, evacuation maps, multilingual alerts, specific instructions, and even the ability  to ‘wake up’ consumer devices — if ATSC 3.0 is fully implemented.”

Members of the AWARN Alliance include Pearl TV, Sinclair Broadcast Group, NAB’s PILOT, Capitol Broadcasting Company, Digital Alert Systems/Monroe Electronics, Gates Air, LG Electronics/Zenith, and Triveni Digital.

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