Complementing the advocacy work of the AWARN Alliance and the technical work of the ATSC Advanced Emergency Alerting Implementation Team, the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) established a new advisory group on the Emergency Alert System (EAS).According to SBE President Jerry Massey, the purpose of their new EAS Advisory Group is to stay abreast of EAS developments in technology and policy and to communicate pertinent developments to SBE leadership and staff.The SBE has been actively involved with EAS since it was launched. As the system evolved to include new technologies and alerting partners, the SBE adapted to become an effective EAS implementation resource for broadcasters.

Working with various EAS partners, from stations to manufacturers to policymakers, the SBE is “broadcasters’ trusted source of EAS information,” Massey explains. The SBE EAS Advisory Group expands those efforts begun by previous SBE committees.

SBE EAS Advisory Group Chairman Larry Wilkins says the group will leverage expertise of its members and contacts at the FCC and FEMA to address origination or distribution issues of broadcast stations and state emergency communications committees.

For more information about the SBE, contact John L. Poray, CAE, executive director, at [email protected] or 317-846-9000, or visit the SBE website,

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