Rebuilding the Broadcaster-Public Safety Partnership

The AWARN Alliance, with the help of local partners and sponsors, is convening a series of Regional Roundtable meetings across the nation to discuss Next Generation Emergency Messaging (NGEM). NGEM is a framework for delivery of Advanced Emergency Information (AEI), which is a key element of the powerful next-generation ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV broadcast technology. 


AWARN Regional Roundtable Tour: Cities Planned or Under Discussion

New Orleans


Detroit (at ATSC Conference)

New York City

Washington, DC


Charleston, NC


An ATSC 3.0 city near you!

For more information, contact AWARN Executive Director John Lawson at and AWARN Deputy Director Anya Shetler at

The Santa Barbara Roundtable

On March 9-10 of 2022, the AWARN Alliance joined with KEYT-TV, the Santa Barbara County and City of Riverside Offices of Emergency Management, and the California Broadcasters Association to host the first of a series of roundtable discussions on the development of Advanced Emergency Information (AEI). AEI promises to create new significant value for viewers, consumer electronics manufacturers, broadcasters and emergency management authorities through advancements like improved indoor signal reception, delivery of rich media content, and precise geo-targeting.

Leveraging the advanced alerting capabilities of NextGen TV was a key component, but the first-of-its kind AWARN Santa Barbara Roundtable focused on something else: building the human and institutional relationships between emergency managers and TV stations to use NextGen TV and allied technologies.

The meeting was an opportunity for disaster information stakeholders in SoCal to come together in a relaxed, informal setting to discuss the future of public warning. Post-meeting evaluations from participants were extremely positive, with comments like “eye-opening,” “excellent,” “it really moved me,” “connections were made,” and “just the beginning.”

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The AWARN Summit

In May 2021, the AWARN Alliance hosted a virtual Summit that, for the first time, brought together broadcasters and other media industry players with the nation’s largest alerting authorities to discuss advanced emergency alerting and informing with ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV and other new technologies. During and after the Summit, we discovered the need and desire for broadcasters and emergency managers to rebuild and strengthen their relationships in order to develop local agreements for optimal roll-out of AEI services. These discussions lead to the launch of the AWARN Regional Roundtables Tour.