AWARN featured at News Technology Summit, Sept 25, 2019

AWARN featured at News Technology Summit, Sept 25, 2019

Leading news executives discussed ATSC 3.0 and new tools for both sending alerts and providing on-going news and information after the alerts are sent. Discussion covered topics including opportunities for geo-targeting, automation, and reaching smartphones and connected cars.   One thing was unanimous; everyone agrees that AWARN is leading the way for implementing ATSC 3.0.

Moderated by John Lawson, Executive Director, AWARN Alliance

The panelists included, Fred Baumgartner – ONEMedia/Sinclair Broadcast Group, Michael Fabac – News-Press and Gazette Broadcasting,Paul McGonagle – WTTG

Each panelist offered their point of view on how ATSC 3.0 will change the game when it comes to operational efficiency & resource optimization.

“We need a next gen broadcast platform that makes people realize the value proposition.  Emergency alerting and informing is the first platform to exist and in an emergency when everything else collapses, we need resilience” explained Fred Baumgartner.

Paul McGonagle had this to say, “We’ve got to get the editorial team on board with technological and operation teams.  3.0 will enable us drive greater integration and alignment.”

Michael Fabac agreed and added, “broadcast and app-based news can work together and local emergency authority relationships will improve.”